Hotels in Bandung with Swimming Pools for Children

Hotels in Bandung with Children’s Pools – Renting a hotel with a children’s pool is a lot of fun. While staying at the hotel, you can spend time and play with your child.

So, are you perplexed about where to find a family hotel in Bandung with a swimming pool for kids? Don’t worry, because the hotels listed below have facilities such as swimming pools for children and other interesting facilities that you can rent.

Hotels in Bandung with Swimming Pools for Children

This family hotel in Bandung is ideal for children because it provides a variety of exciting and interesting facilities, including a children’s pool.

This children’s pool is unquestionably appropriate for children. You can play and spend time with your child while swimming in the pool, which has beautiful views and cool air. This Clove Garden Hotel offers a variety of interesting amenities in addition to the children’s pool.

Sage Six Sky Lounge is a luxurious and exciting facility. In this sky lounge, you can enjoy a beautiful night view of Bandung City while dining on a variety of fusion food menus accompanied by wine, which will enhance the beauty of your moments with your family.

Verbena Cafe & Lounge is also available at this Bandung family hotel. This cafe serves a wide variety of dishes, including Chinese, Western, and traditional Sundanese fare.

There is also a Carawa Pool where you can spend quality time with your family. Relax while enjoying the thrill of swimming with your family and the beautiful scenery surrounding the swimming pool. Aside from that, the natural scenery at the hotel pool is also quite lovely. As a result, while swimming, you can unwind and take in the scenery.

Apart from the above-mentioned attractive facilities, this hotel also provides a variety of room types from which to choose based on your needs.

Ideas And Tricks To Maximize Small Room Area

Ideas and Tricks for Making the Most of a Small Space – When you live in a small house or apartment, it is difficult to accommodate all of your needs in a relatively small room. Finding solutions to these challenges and obstacles is difficult because you want your needs met while keeping the room from feeling crowded. We hope that some of the ideas and tricks we’ve summarized can help those of you who own apartemen di Bali.

Include Reflective Materials

Use glossy or glossy wall paint, as well as tiles with a glossy finish. Shiny and reflective materials will maximize the mirror-like effect, reflect light, and make the apartment space in Bali appear larger.

Choosing a sliding door with a glass window panel can help to separate the rooms while still allowing sunlight to enter. Sliding doors are also preferable to swinging doors in general because they take up less space when opened.

Keep an eye out for items that aren’t in use.

If your bedroom space is limited and you don’t want to buy new furniture, you can get around it by recycling old items. To save space, you can, for example, use a chair as a bedside table and hang a reading lamp on the wall. Then, to create a cheerful atmosphere, choose cheerful pastel colors for the bedroom walls.

Make use of furniture that can be used for two purposes.

If your room is relatively narrow and does not have enough space to accommodate a lot of furniture, you can use furniture that serves multiple functions; this will undoubtedly make your narrow room feel more spacious. For example, if you have overnight guests, you can use a table that serves as both a coffee table and a dining table, or you can look for a sofa that serves as both a seat and a bed.

This is the oldest interior design trick. Installing several mirrors at strategic locations will make your room appear larger, more spacious, and more open, as mirrors can reflect everything in the room.

Blue Bedroom Which Is Your Favorite Color

Blue Bedroom Which Is Your Favorite Color – The blue color may be an option for your bedroom because blue is closely associated with all things peaceful and calm, two things that are very important to be able to sleep soundly and with quality. Some shades of blue emit a neutral and cool tone, whereas others emit a vibrant, bold, and fun atmosphere.

Basically, blue is a versatile color that can be used in almost any interior design concept, either as a dominant color or as an accent or complementary color, depending on your preferences as a Bali apartment owner. Here is a collection of blue color combinations and applications for the bedroom.


Use Only One Color

When you enter a bedroom in a Bali apartment, the use of soft blue or pastel blue is like breathing fresh air, especially if the same color is used as the dominant color for the room’s walls. When combined with the decoration of artwork and ornamental plants in some corners of the room, it will be a very beautiful combination that will leave people speechless.

Determine the Atmosphere of the Room

Before you choose a paint color and begin painting the bedroom walls of an apartemen di Bali, consider the atmosphere you want to create. Choose dark colors, such as grays and browns, to create a warm and soothing atmosphere in your room. The blue color can then be used as an accent on the sheets and reading shelves.

Gray can be used to soften the look

If you choose a light blue and white color combination as the dominant color for your bedroom, soften the sharpness of the color combination with gray accents, because gray is neutral and can be a bright dark color combination. stunning.

Blue as an accent

A splash of soft blue on the headboard and the fabric on the classic bedside chair make a wonderful combination when paired with beige and other soft colors. If you want to get a combination of colors, try using a type of velvet fabric because the radiance of velvet fabric can vary with different lighting conditions.

Keep Relaxing

A bohemian-style bedroom will still look sleek and tidy thanks to the relaxing essence of the blue patchwork bed complemented by contrasting leather accents and some framed artwork that adorns the walls. Here’s a testament to the color blue can be adapted to a variety of decorating styles and has a completely new look for a bali apartment.

Don’t Forget the Pink!

Pink and pastel blue are frequently combined because they have similar characteristics, but when combined with the right concept, it can be a neat and beautiful blend. You can use blue on the walls, pink as the dominant color for the furniture, and green and gray in some elements.

Finished with patterned fabrics

The blue color goes well with brown, especially the bright, cheerful colors of summer. The brown linen and pillow sarong combination will look fantastic against the bright sky blue walls.

Include a warm accent color

Although blue and white is a classic color combination, it can be a little too flashy for some. Cover one wall with wallpaper, then add cream paint on the other side, brown wood on the furniture, and brass on the metal to warm up this bright bedroom.

The color marigold as a focal point

When decorating a bedroom in a strong and bold blue color, marigold accents should be used as the focal point of the room. The marigold color can be used on the reading lamp cover next to the bed, followed by the golden color as a layer for the mirror frame and carvings on the bed.

White will brighten it up

If you’re not brave enough to use blue as the main color in your bedroom, use it as an accent color for your blanket. Then, starting with the walls, ceiling, window blinds, and sheets and pillowcases, brighten it with the dominant white color.

Ashtrak Motif Painting Hanging Art

The bedroom is draped in lovely shades of white and beige, with a touch of blue as an elegant accent. Then, for a luxurious feel, hang an abstract painting with a blue hue on the wall in the bedroom of an apartment in Bali.

DIY Paint Creations For Decoration

Make Your Own Paint Creations for Decorations – Changing the paint color and wall motifs of some of your rooms in an apartment in Bali to make it look more beautiful during the COVID-19 pandemic can make you lazy to move outside. To fill your spare time and conquer boredom, you may change the paint color and wall motifs of some of your rooms in an apartment in Bali to make it look more beautiful. beautiful and appealing Here’s a list of paint creations that you can make without investing a fortune.

Using a Sponge to Paint Brick Walls

To create this brick motif on the wall, all you need is a rectangular sponge and a stamping tool. For less than 30 thousand rupiah, you can get a yellow sponge that is commonly used to clean furniture or cars. The first step is to cut the sponge to the size of the brick, then pick a wall paint color that resembles a brick or any color you want, dip the surface of the sponge in the paint, and add it to the wall, being careful to keep the motif tidy and orderly. If you’re still worried about the results being untidy, start by creating a neat brick pattern on the wall.

Paint with a Polkadot Motif

For girls’ bedrooms, cute and beautiful polka-dot wall paint creations are ideal. The first step is to prepare a wide cardboard circle, punch a hole in it, create a clean and orderly pattern, choose a soft paint color, adhere the perforated cardboard to the wall with a solation, and then paint the walls as normal. A sponge cut into a circle can also be used to create a cool polka dot pattern on the wall by sticking the surface of the sponge that already contains the paint to the wall.

Small Lines Wall Paint Motif

You only need a palm fiber broom or a brush that is used to brush clothes as a tool to get wall paint with this special striped motif. Before the paint dries, paint the walls a few coats with the color you want, then put the tip of a broom or brush on the wall and move it from top to bottom. Repeat on another section of the wall until all of it is covered in stripes.

Stencil Wall Painting With Various Motifs

There are several stencils with different motifs in the online store, including flora, fauna, clouds, mandalas, and other motifs. You can either pick a motif that you like or make your own stencil out of cardboard or plastic sheets. If you already have a stencil, use a solation to secure it to the wall, then paint over the stencil motif holes until all of the walls are covered. As a result, you’ll have an odd pattern on your walls that no one else in your Bali apartment has.

Hotels in Bandung That Are Suitable for Families

Hotels in Bandung that are suitable for families – You travel to Bandung with your family for a vacation. Regardless of the type of tourist destination you seek, you should not select a hotel hastily. In terms of facilities, not all hotels in Bandung provide comfort. If you want the most out of your stay, book only a room at the Clove Garden Hotel. There are numerous room options available to meet the needs of each guest. You can see various types of rooms as well as complete facilities.

If you are bringing children, you should consider booking a Junior Suite room. This room has an extra sofa that can be converted into a bed for the kids. All beds are provided in a single 21-square-meter room. If you want to enjoy the view outside your bedroom, you can do so with a private balcony. Guests will be able to see a beautiful golf course from the balcony.

Hotels in Bandung That Are Suitable for Families

Every family who stays can also reserve a Deluxe Studio room type. This type has a different room layout than the others. Making a reservation in the Studio Deluxe type room will provide you with the atmosphere of a studio type apartment. This room features a 32-inch LCD TV, as well as a sofa and ottoman. Because of a special desk in the room, you will be able to monitor your work via laptop during break time.

The Family Suite is a room category with an area of up to 87 sqm. This type of room has a large bathroom with a jacuzzi and shower. You will be able to use the jacuzzi while relaxing and admiring the beautiful scenery surrounding the city. After a relaxing bath, you can spend time with your family in the spacious family room. This room has a 42-inch television.

Deluxe Room is your preferred room type at Clove Garden Hotel. Then you arrived with the kids. If you discover that there aren’t enough beds, notify the receptionist right away. The receptionist will immediately prepare an extra bed based on the guest’s requests. Another benefit of this room is the balcony, which overlooks the golf course.

For those of you who bring children, you can just enjoy swimming in the Clove Garden Hotel swimming pool. The swimming pool in this hotel is always well managed using a special water cleaning system. Not only is it cleaned, but the water is always cleaned of various microorganisms that can breed in swimming pool water.

Let Your First Apartment Look Cozy And Enjoyable

When you graduate from college and begin working and earning a respectable income, it’s time to move out of your dorm or boarding house and into a more suitable living situation, such as an apartment in Bali. Decorating your first home is, of course, a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work to get the results you like. Tips ranging from minor tweaks to major overhauls that will make your first apartment look cozy and inviting.

Tips for decorating your first apartment to look comfortable


Many apartemen di Bali have a spacious living room, family room, and back room with no dividing walls to allow for optimum sunshine and air circulation. So, if you want to establish a separate zone or have more privacy for your family room, you’ll need to figure out a way to let light into the back room without blocking it. Installing sliding doors with frosted glass panels is one option that can be used. Sliding doors with frosted glass panels do not block incoming light and are not soundproof like solid doors in general, but they can also improve the privacy of the family room.


If you don’t want to use sliding doors to divide the room or your apartment doesn’t allow them, Consider using drapes or curtains that are webbed or have small holes and are soft in texture, allowing light and air to pass through. Use other items to divide the room, such as a wooden folding wall or a tall display shelf.


The tiny room behind the apartment entrance would be more appealing and practical with a few additional decorations and furniture. Attaching several hooks to the wall for hanging bags, caps, and coats is one of the decorations you can add. Then, to carry the umbrella, add a special sleek basket. Finally, hang a small mirror on the wall to ensure that you are tidy and ready to leave the apartment before leaving.


The living room, family room, dining room, and kitchen are usually linked by narrow hallways in Bali apartments. If you want your apartment to appear cozy, don’t overlook these nooks and alleys. Light touches, such as a shelf with a vase and flowers on it, a small mirror on the wall, and a carpet for the floor sheet, can all help to make the room more interesting.


One of the most common mistakes made when decorating an apartment is a lack of understanding of how to use the available space. If you work from home, for example, design an apartment layout that prioritizes space for a workspace or office, whether it has its own space, is in a corner by the window, or blends in with the family room.


The lack of storage space is a common issue in apartments that are relatively small. However, there are many solutions to this issue, one of which is to build a drawer under your bed or to hang shelves in a corner of the empty room. Such that your things can be neatly packed and organized.

Interested in Investing in Apartments? First, consider the following suggestions.

Apartments are currently a popular option for many residents in the capital. The explanation for this is that the apartment has a number of benefits.

Residential apartments are typically situated in strategic locations, have ample road and transportation connections, and are outfitted with a variety of amenities to pamper their occupants.

Apartment investment options are becoming more appealing as the public’s interest in living in apartments grows. Many people purchase apartment units with the intention of renting or reselling them in the future.

Naturally, the expectation is that income will be realized as a result of the rise in property value.

Apartment and land investment is widely regarded as a promising investment vehicle. Property investment, in comparison to bonds, deposits, and mutual funds, has a low risk.

This is due to the fact that property prices appear to increase over time, and the opportunity for a high Return on Investment is still present (ROI).

Even though it has promising prospects, there are still risks that could transform your apartment investment into a fortunate one rather than a successful one. As a result, when beginning an apartment investment, careful planning is needed.

Are you considering purchasing an apartment? Take a look at some of these apartment investment ideas!

1. Pursue Market Segmentation as a Goal

Prior to purchasing an apartment as an investment, you must carefully consider who may be interested in renting your unit. You will decide the position of the right apartment for investment by targeting the right market segmentation.

In addition, market segmentation is critical for determining the financial potential of prospective tenants / buyers. This is helpful in deciding the price of your apartment unit for sale or rental.

Allowing your apartment’s rental/sale price to be much higher than the economic potential of your target market segmentation would cause your apartment unit to fail to sell.

2. Choose Your Location Wisely

Furthermore, it is critical to begin an apartment investment by carefully selecting the location of the apartment for investment. A good apartment location can result in high capitalization rates.

An apartment in the Sunrise Area is a good investment opportunity. The term “Sunrise Area” refers to a growing and in-demand neighborhood.

The location of the sunrise area is usually marked by an area with complete public facilities surrounding it.

Furthermore, the Sunrise Area’s location can be seen in the increase in land value, which is higher than the average market value of land.

3. Investigate Apartment Developers

The third thing to consider when looking to buy an apartment for investment purposes is the performance of the apartment developer you are interested in.

You must be astute in determining the developer’s track record, as well as whether the developer is credible and accountable for the development of his projects.

4. Examine the Apartment’s Land Status

You must also consider the status of the land on which your desired apartment is built. It should be noted that there are typically two types of land status for which apartments are built, namely developer property and BOT property (Build, Operate, Transfer).

Apartments with good investment potential are those that stand on land with developer property status.

Apartments on BOT status land are a high-risk investment. The reason for this is that BOT land is government-owned land that has been given to private developers for the purpose of building apartments.

In this case, the government grants the developer a set amount of time to use the land.

When the use period is over, the land and buildings must be returned to the government. As a result, you must relinquish ownership of your unit to the government, and you may receive compensation that is significantly less than the true value of your property.

5. Examine the apartment’s amenities and surroundings.

When selecting an apartment for investment, consider the amenities provided by the apartment to support the lives of its residents. The completeness of facilities has a significant impact on the interest of prospective tenants / buyers of apartment units.

Sports facilities (swimming pool, gym, and jogging track), internet connection, shopping center, and electricity and water connections are all things that prospective tenants and buyers look for.

Furthermore, good road access and transportation have a significant impact on the investment value of your apartment.

6. Be aware of the rise in apartment prices.

When purchasing an apartment unit for investment purposes, you must be aware of the increase in apartment prices from the time the apartment was first advertised until the time you purchase an apartment unit.

You can calculate the ROI range for your apartment unit by knowing the price increase.

7. Be aware of the Maintenance Fee

Knowing the maintenance costs charged to apartment residents is something that is frequently overlooked, but it is critical to be aware of when purchasing an apartment unit for investment purposes.

You must understand how much the apartment manager charges for maintenance, what is included in the maintenance costs, and the trend of rising maintenance costs.

Knowing about maintenance costs is necessary to avoid the manager’s arbitrary increases in maintenance costs.

Of course, this incident must be avoided because it can reduce the investment value of your apartment unit due to negative reviews from previous residents.

8. Collaboration with Real Estate Agents

Apart from careful planning, marketing activities are critical in apartment investment. To make unit marketing easier, you can collaborate with real estate agents so that your unit is advertised to property agents and potential tenants / buyers.

These are the eight tips you can use to get ready for your apartment investment activities. Of course, with careful planning, your apartment investment activities will go more smoothly and yield the desired results.

Are you prepared to enter the world of apartment investing? If so, it’s time to put your apartment on the market.


How To Choose A Comfortable Apartment In Bali – Making a home purchase, is not an easy matter. Especially when homes are sold at high prices. That’s why many people turn to choosing an apartment as the best place to live.

This is evident from the many people who prefer to use apartments. Those who are in Bali or who want to live in Bali are no exception. However, what about How to Choose a Comfortable Apartemen di Bali? To answer this question, it’s good if you refer to the following explanation below.


See the location

The first step you can do in the process of choosing an apartment in Bali is looking at the location. Because each apartment comes with a different location. That’s why make sure to choose an apartment with a strategic location.

The purpose of strategic location is a location that is easily accessible. So that your mobility can be supported more easily. Likewise with every need that you can get faster.

Select Type / Unit

Choosing an apartment type / unit is the next thing you should do. How to choose this apartment can be tailored to your needs. As well as the need for an apartment for private residence or for family residence.

Check Price

Another thing that you should pay attention to from how to choose an apartment is to check prices. Make sure to choose an apartment with the right budget. This means that the price offered by the apartment is in accordance with your abilities.


There are many facilities offered in an apartment. Starting from sports facilities, places to eat, parks and others. Each existing facility certainly affects the price offered.

Apartment Rules

The last part of how to choose an apartment in Bali is looking at the rules it has. As a type of residence that is occupied by many people. Of course, there are several rules that must be applied so that the comfort of the residents is well maintained as well.

Apartment rules are also not only related to the residents. But it also relates to the rules between the owner and the party making the lease. This generally applies if you are acting as the contracting party.

Hotels in Bandung are good and cheap for families

Good and cheap hotels in Bandung for families – Who doesn’t want to take a vacation and look for hotels in Bandung that are good and cheap for families? This city is very rich in interesting tourist attractions, as well as a variety of special culinary delights that arouse appetites. As the capital city of West Java province, Bandung offers many tourist facilities as well as entertainment for the residents of that city, as well as several cities around it. Not surprisingly, Jabodetabek residents do not hesitate to spend their holidays in this cold city.

Not surprisingly, out-of-town residents who want to explore the city of Bandung need the best hotels, with the most comfortable facilities plus competitive prices. Visiting Bandung for only one day is certainly not satisfying. Especially a vacation with family. Of course, all family members want to stay in a comfortable, strategic area, but can still enjoy a quiet vacation.

Indeed, finding hotels in Bandung that are good and cheap for families is not easy. Moreover, there are many hotels in this city, all of which are competing to offer the best facilities. It could be that customers are confused about which hotel to suit the wishes of each family member. Kids will want a hotel with a swimming pool, while women want a hotel close to a mall or shopping center.

Most Strategic Location in Bandung
Bandung is indeed rich in tourist attractions as well as well-known culinary destinations. However, it cannot be denied that the Dago area is a tourist paradise. Almost all culinary centers, luxury malls, and also great hangout places are in this area. For this reason, there is nothing wrong with looking for good and cheap hotels in Bandung for families that are good and cheap for families in this area. The most appropriate choice is of course the Clove Garden Hotel.

Clove Garden Hotel has all the criteria listed above. The rooms available also vary according to the needs of guests, whether those who come for business, or with family members. Room options consist of Deluxe Twin, Family Suite, Deluxe King, Studio Deluxe, Deluxe Suite and Junior Suite. They all have luxurious amenities with views of the golf course and balconies.

Those who have stayed at Clove Garden Hotel will always return to stay at the hotel family di Bandung when they visit this Flower City. Of course this is not surprising, considering that this hotel offers a high level of comfort at a very affordable price.

You Should Know About the Benefits of Apartment Rentals for Staff

You Should Know About the Benefits of Apartment Rentals for Staff – Apartments in Bali have a number of advantages over renting a house in terms of different factors that are prioritized. Particularly for those of you who already have a regular monthly income, the price is reasonable. Particularly for those of you who work from morning to night and need a comfortable and secure environment.

The benefit of renting an apartment in Bali is that it is built in a minimalist style. An apartment is the solution for those of you who prefer a more modern and convenient style of residence. The occupants of the house do not need to spend time planning each room and can move in right away. Residents will find it easier to clean any corner of the room with minimalist d├ęcor. It is ideal for living alone or with a small family without the assistance of domestic help.

It is unavoidable that if you have recently relocated, many people will come to see you. You would not be burdened with more complex house arrangements if you choose an apartment. The apartment’s space is ready for occupancy and welcomes visitors with ease. As is the case in Bali apartments that already have sofas, beds, wall papers, and other necessities. In the living room, no matter how many visitors are able to be accommodated.

This Bali apartment also has advantages in terms of furnishings. The room is convenient to decorate because it is attractive even after it has been moved or replaced with a new one. Apartments are ideal for those who enjoy changing the layout of their rooms.

The rental rates of these apartments in Bali are lower than those of other rental homes. It’s not just a reference to the price at the start of the leasing process. However, it must also be focused on the amenities and furnishings that you get when you use them. All of these factors must be considered in order to obtain a price that is reasonable in comparison to others. Even, to find the percentage that suits better in your wallet, count the values down to years. This is also due to the fact that not all of the monthly wages are spent on apartment rentals alone, but also on other necessities.

These are some of the benefits of renting an apartment in Bali as a residence. You must remember a number of important factors related to cost as well as the comfort that it provides.

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