Blue Bedroom Which Is Your Favorite Color

Blue Bedroom Which Is Your Favorite Color – The blue color may be an option for your bedroom because blue is closely associated with all things peaceful and calm, two things that are very important to be able to sleep soundly and with quality. Some shades of blue emit a neutral and cool tone, whereas others emit a vibrant, bold, and fun atmosphere.

Basically, blue is a versatile color that can be used in almost any interior design concept, either as a dominant color or as an accent or complementary color, depending on your preferences as a Bali apartment owner. Here is a collection of blue color combinations and applications for the bedroom.


Use Only One Color

When you enter a bedroom in a Bali apartment, the use of soft blue or pastel blue is like breathing fresh air, especially if the same color is used as the dominant color for the room’s walls. When combined with the decoration of artwork and ornamental plants in some corners of the room, it will be a very beautiful combination that will leave people speechless.

Determine the Atmosphere of the Room

Before you choose a paint color and begin painting the bedroom walls of an apartemen di Bali, consider the atmosphere you want to create. Choose dark colors, such as grays and browns, to create a warm and soothing atmosphere in your room. The blue color can then be used as an accent on the sheets and reading shelves.

Gray can be used to soften the look

If you choose a light blue and white color combination as the dominant color for your bedroom, soften the sharpness of the color combination with gray accents, because gray is neutral and can be a bright dark color combination. stunning.

Blue as an accent

A splash of soft blue on the headboard and the fabric on the classic bedside chair make a wonderful combination when paired with beige and other soft colors. If you want to get a combination of colors, try using a type of velvet fabric because the radiance of velvet fabric can vary with different lighting conditions.

Keep Relaxing

A bohemian-style bedroom will still look sleek and tidy thanks to the relaxing essence of the blue patchwork bed complemented by contrasting leather accents and some framed artwork that adorns the walls. Here’s a testament to the color blue can be adapted to a variety of decorating styles and has a completely new look for a bali apartment.

Don’t Forget the Pink!

Pink and pastel blue are frequently combined because they have similar characteristics, but when combined with the right concept, it can be a neat and beautiful blend. You can use blue on the walls, pink as the dominant color for the furniture, and green and gray in some elements.

Finished with patterned fabrics

The blue color goes well with brown, especially the bright, cheerful colors of summer. The brown linen and pillow sarong combination will look fantastic against the bright sky blue walls.

Include a warm accent color

Although blue and white is a classic color combination, it can be a little too flashy for some. Cover one wall with wallpaper, then add cream paint on the other side, brown wood on the furniture, and brass on the metal to warm up this bright bedroom.

The color marigold as a focal point

When decorating a bedroom in a strong and bold blue color, marigold accents should be used as the focal point of the room. The marigold color can be used on the reading lamp cover next to the bed, followed by the golden color as a layer for the mirror frame and carvings on the bed.

White will brighten it up

If you’re not brave enough to use blue as the main color in your bedroom, use it as an accent color for your blanket. Then, starting with the walls, ceiling, window blinds, and sheets and pillowcases, brighten it with the dominant white color.

Ashtrak Motif Painting Hanging Art

The bedroom is draped in lovely shades of white and beige, with a touch of blue as an elegant accent. Then, for a luxurious feel, hang an abstract painting with a blue hue on the wall in the bedroom of an apartment in Bali.

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