DIY Paint Creations For Decoration

Make Your Own Paint Creations for Decorations – Changing the paint color and wall motifs of some of your rooms in an apartment in Bali to make it look more beautiful during the COVID-19 pandemic can make you lazy to move outside. To fill your spare time and conquer boredom, you may change the paint color and wall motifs of some of your rooms in an apartment in Bali to make it look more beautiful. beautiful and appealing Here’s a list of paint creations that you can make without investing a fortune.

Using a Sponge to Paint Brick Walls

To create this brick motif on the wall, all you need is a rectangular sponge and a stamping tool. For less than 30 thousand rupiah, you can get a yellow sponge that is commonly used to clean furniture or cars. The first step is to cut the sponge to the size of the brick, then pick a wall paint color that resembles a brick or any color you want, dip the surface of the sponge in the paint, and add it to the wall, being careful to keep the motif tidy and orderly. If you’re still worried about the results being untidy, start by creating a neat brick pattern on the wall.

Paint with a Polkadot Motif

For girls’ bedrooms, cute and beautiful polka-dot wall paint creations are ideal. The first step is to prepare a wide cardboard circle, punch a hole in it, create a clean and orderly pattern, choose a soft paint color, adhere the perforated cardboard to the wall with a solation, and then paint the walls as normal. A sponge cut into a circle can also be used to create a cool polka dot pattern on the wall by sticking the surface of the sponge that already contains the paint to the wall.

Small Lines Wall Paint Motif

You only need a palm fiber broom or a brush that is used to brush clothes as a tool to get wall paint with this special striped motif. Before the paint dries, paint the walls a few coats with the color you want, then put the tip of a broom or brush on the wall and move it from top to bottom. Repeat on another section of the wall until all of it is covered in stripes.

Stencil Wall Painting With Various Motifs

There are several stencils with different motifs in the online store, including flora, fauna, clouds, mandalas, and other motifs. You can either pick a motif that you like or make your own stencil out of cardboard or plastic sheets. If you already have a stencil, use a solation to secure it to the wall, then paint over the stencil motif holes until all of the walls are covered. As a result, you’ll have an odd pattern on your walls that no one else in your Bali apartment has.

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