Hotels in Bandung That Are Suitable for Families

Hotels in Bandung that are suitable for families – You travel to Bandung with your family for a vacation. Regardless of the type of tourist destination you seek, you should not select a hotel hastily. In terms of facilities, not all hotels in Bandung provide comfort. If you want the most out of your stay, book only a room at the Clove Garden Hotel. There are numerous room options available to meet the needs of each guest. You can see various types of rooms as well as complete facilities.

If you are bringing children, you should consider booking a Junior Suite room. This room has an extra sofa that can be converted into a bed for the kids. All beds are provided in a single 21-square-meter room. If you want to enjoy the view outside your bedroom, you can do so with a private balcony. Guests will be able to see a beautiful golf course from the balcony.

Hotels in Bandung That Are Suitable for Families

Every family who stays can also reserve a Deluxe Studio room type. This type has a different room layout than the others. Making a reservation in the Studio Deluxe type room will provide you with the atmosphere of a studio type apartment. This room features a 32-inch LCD TV, as well as a sofa and ottoman. Because of a special desk in the room, you will be able to monitor your work via laptop during break time.

The Family Suite is a room category with an area of up to 87 sqm. This type of room has a large bathroom with a jacuzzi and shower. You will be able to use the jacuzzi while relaxing and admiring the beautiful scenery surrounding the city. After a relaxing bath, you can spend time with your family in the spacious family room. This room has a 42-inch television.

Deluxe Room is your preferred room type at Clove Garden Hotel. Then you arrived with the kids. If you discover that there aren’t enough beds, notify the receptionist right away. The receptionist will immediately prepare an extra bed based on the guest’s requests. Another benefit of this room is the balcony, which overlooks the golf course.

For those of you who bring children, you can just enjoy swimming in the Clove Garden Hotel swimming pool. The swimming pool in this hotel is always well managed using a special water cleaning system. Not only is it cleaned, but the water is always cleaned of various microorganisms that can breed in swimming pool water.

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