Hotels in Bandung are good and cheap for families

Good and cheap hotels in Bandung for families – Who doesn’t want to take a vacation and look for hotels in Bandung that are good and cheap for families? This city is very rich in interesting tourist attractions, as well as a variety of special culinary delights that arouse appetites. As the capital city of West Java province, Bandung offers many tourist facilities as well as entertainment for the residents of that city, as well as several cities around it. Not surprisingly, Jabodetabek residents do not hesitate to spend their holidays in this cold city.

Not surprisingly, out-of-town residents who want to explore the city of Bandung need the best hotels, with the most comfortable facilities plus competitive prices. Visiting Bandung for only one day is certainly not satisfying. Especially a vacation with family. Of course, all family members want to stay in a comfortable, strategic area, but can still enjoy a quiet vacation.

Indeed, finding hotels in Bandung that are good and cheap for families is not easy. Moreover, there are many hotels in this city, all of which are competing to offer the best facilities. It could be that customers are confused about which hotel to suit the wishes of each family member. Kids will want a hotel with a swimming pool, while women want a hotel close to a mall or shopping center.

Most Strategic Location in Bandung
Bandung is indeed rich in tourist attractions as well as well-known culinary destinations. However, it cannot be denied that the Dago area is a tourist paradise. Almost all culinary centers, luxury malls, and also great hangout places are in this area. For this reason, there is nothing wrong with looking for good and cheap hotels in Bandung for families that are good and cheap for families in this area. The most appropriate choice is of course the Clove Garden Hotel.

Clove Garden Hotel has all the criteria listed above. The rooms available also vary according to the needs of guests, whether those who come for business, or with family members. Room options consist of Deluxe Twin, Family Suite, Deluxe King, Studio Deluxe, Deluxe Suite and Junior Suite. They all have luxurious amenities with views of the golf course and balconies.

Those who have stayed at Clove Garden Hotel will always return to stay at the hotel family di Bandung when they visit this Flower City. Of course this is not surprising, considering that this hotel offers a high level of comfort at a very affordable price.

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