Transportation Towards and While in Lombok


When visiting an area, things that need to be considered other than tourist destinations or hotels as a place to stay are transportation facilities. This is important to include in planning preparations when you want to travel to Lombok. Not all areas can be easily reached using public transportation modes. In addition, knowing the transportation options will also make it easier to manage the financial plans used while traveling. Read also complete information about Gili island.

To go to Lombok, there are several choices of means of transportation that can be used either by air, land, or sea.


Most tourists from the archipelago or abroad choose to use the air route when they want to go to Lombok. Currently, Lombok International Airport is available which can be a destination for tourists. There are a number of domestic airlines that have travel routes to the airport starting from Garuda Nusantara Air, Trigana Air, Trans Nusa, Lion Air, and Wings Air. Meanwhile, international airlines that have access to Lombok, such as Silk Air or Air Asia.

From the airport, there are several alternative transportation options that can be used to get to a number of desired destinations, such as taxis or Damri buses. Of course, taxi rates are adjusted according to the distance traveled by users of that mode of transportation based on the meter. Meanwhile, the Damri bus fare from the airport to Mataram is around 15 thousand rupiah. Other transportation options that can be used from the airport are travel cars or car rentals with various rates.


Another mode of transportation that can be used to get to Lombok is by sea using bali gili fast boat. There are a number of ports in Lombok that can be destinations for ships traveling to Lombok. Sheet Harbor is the link between Lembar Lombok and Padang Bai Bali. In addition, this port also serves shipping routes to Kayangan Port, East Lombok and Tano, Sumba Island. Not only that, from the port of Lembar, you can also go to Gili Air, Gili Trawangan, or Gili Meno by using a fast boat. The fer boat operates 24 hours so you don’t have to worry about running out of tickets.

Apart from the Sheet Harbor, you can also enter Lombok via the Bali Port of Serangan and Tanjung Benoa Bali, there are a number of fas boats that can be used to deliver directly to Gili Trawangan or Kodek Bay at various rates. For example, Suranadi Express, with a passenger capacity of 217 people, charges a ticket fare of IDR 550 thousand each way to Gili Trawangan.

Land Route

The land route is the most economical transportation option but also requires a relatively long time compared to other routes. Usually this route is used by backpackers who want to enjoy a different atmosphere during their trip to Lombok. You can take a bus from your hometown to Lombok. The bus ticket fare from Jakarta Lombok is around Rp. 400 thousand, but it takes a travel time of approximately two days and two nights.

Alternative Lombok Transportation

When you arrive in Lombok, of course, you also need a means of transportation that will be used to access a number of tourist destinations. There are several alternative transportation that can be used while in Lombok.


This is the term for city transportation in Lombok. The minibus serves passengers destined for Mataram, Ampenan, Senggigi, and Cakranegara at a fairly cheap rate.


This one transportation is widely used by the public or tourists in Lombok, especially at night because bemo or other city transportation only operates until the afternoon. There is no official ojek fare, so it all depends on the agreement between the passenger and the ojek driver.


It stands for cikar gig and motorbike which is unique and distinctive from Lombok. However, there is a discourse that this means of transportation will be more limited and plans to be replaced by a golf car. Some tourist attractions that still use cidomo, such as in the tourist area of ​​Gili Trawangan. By paying a rental fee of IDR 75 thousand only, you can get around Gili Trawangan, which is about six kilometers away.

Car and Motorbike Rental

The last option that can be used to enjoy a number of tourist destinations in Lombok easily and practically is to rent a car. Car rental rates vary depending on the type and brand of car used and the length of the rental. Car rental prices range from IDR 250K to IDR 300K for a full day. Want to be more economical? You can choose to rent a Jasa SEO motorbike at a rate of around IDR 35K to IDR 50K per day.

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