Tips During A Vacation To Gili Trawangan Lombok That You Should Know

Choosing a tourist destination that doesn’t disappoint and fits your expectations is very easy for you, one of which is if you choose Gili Trawangan as your destination. For this reason, some vacation tips to Gili Trawangan Lombok, which has been named the most famous Gili, it would be better if you read first about some of the needs and equipment that must be prepared so that this holiday becomes a very interesting, even unforgettable vacation.

This Gili has a very beautiful view with clear blue sea color, clean white sand and very fine, and the establishment of several entertainment places makes this place never empty of visitors. Well, if it’s your first time coming to this place, then the following tips can guide your vacation.

To get to Gili Trawangan, you have to choose transportation such as the Damri bus to get to Senggigi if it is taken from the airport with a distance of about 49 kilometers and takes about 1.5 hours.

When you arrive in Sengigi, the next destination is the port of Bangsal which is quite far (about 45 kilometers with a travel time of about 40 minutes) to choose the type of tour that you will use to get to Gili Trawangan using a private boat or it can be a public boat.

In addition to providing ferry services, the tour package you choose will also pick you up from your hotel to the port before going on vacation to Gili Trawangan. So, when you get there, you will immediately find various kinds of lodging places, but it would be better if in advance you have made an online ticket order so that you can get lodging with the appropriate facilities and prices.

You can do various activities during your vacation to Gili Trawangan, such as diving, snorkeling, surfing, jet skiing, banana boat, water skiing, paddle board and many more. Apart from the various activities that are very exciting, the beauty of Gili when the afternoon arrives will make you amazed by the panoramic sunset which is very beautiful.

A piece of heaven with such an exotic view will certainly make you very sure to take a vacation to this place. For those of you who love pedaling a bicycle, you can also rent a bicycle to enjoy various corners of Gili Trawangan which of course has lots of very interesting photo spots.

When on vacation to Gili Trawangan you can visit night clubs which are very crowded with tourists. In addition, several types of food, from expensive to cheap, are also sold in this place and can even be easily found at night markets such as mixed rice, seafood, fried rice, and several other types of snacks.

Sunset and sunrise will be interesting to enjoy if the weather is clear and supports moments like this which are a pity to miss. Various types of hangout places, from expensive to cheap, can be easily found in this place such as cafes, bars, expensive restaurants and several sellers of souvenirs and typical souvenirs from Lombok such as songket and also woven fabrics.

Now, if you want a vacation to Gili Trawangan at a very cost effective and inexpensive cost, it is very important to make a travel schedule or itinerary as well as a budget that must be spent on each activity.

To save on expenses, choose a land transportation route and then cross to the island of Lombok by using a ferry. In addition, order lodging in advance through online services so you can get lodging at very affordable prices and of course in several locations close to cheap food.

That is the complete information to Gili IslandJasa SEO that can be given to you, hopefully this information about a vacation to Gili Trawangan can inspire all of you who want to visit this extraordinary island. Hopefully this information is useful and I hope your vacation together with your loved ones will be more exciting and enjoyable.

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