7 Preparation of Items That Must Be Taken When on Vacation to Lombok

7 Preparation of Items That Must Be Taken When on Vacation to Lombok

When the holiday season comes, many people are looking for attractive tourist destinations. One of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia is Lombok. Lombok is the best choice for those who like to play on the beach. Lombok Island does have many beautiful beaches. Some of the beautiful beaches in Lombok include Selong Belanak Beach, Kuta Mandalika Beach and Mawun Beach.

If you are planning a vacation to Lombok, make sure you have prepared. This preparation starts from the preparation of funds, transportation to goods that must be taken while on vacation to Lombok. With careful preparation, your vacation is guaranteed to be even more exciting. If you already have sufficient funds and have prepared the right means of transportation, start packing the items that are brought.

Some Items You Must Bring While On Vacation To Lombok

When going on vacation to Lombok, make sure you only bring items that will really be needed. Don’t let your bag be overloaded with useless items. The following will mention some of the items that must be taken while on vacation to Lombok:

2 Pieces Bag

A bag is a primary need when you are going on vacation. Bring two types of bags while on vacation to Lombok. The first bag is a large bag used for fitting clothes, towels and sandals. This big bag you can leave where you stay. The second type of bag is a mini bag that can be carried anywhere. This mini bag can contain a wallet, a camera and an identity card.

Beach Clothes

Going to Lombok is not legal if you don’t go to the beach. Make sure you bring a beach dress that is still sharia so you can enjoy the beach to its fullest. You can use clothes that are not too thick but still syarie and bright in color. If you want to swim on the beach, prepare a comfortable bathing suit and shari, of course.

Change Clothes

Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes. The change of clothes that need to be carried does not need too much. You only need to bring a few pieces of change of clothes. This change of clothes is really needed if you like to get wet on the beach. If you forget to bring clothes, you inevitably have to buy clothes in Lombok.

First Aid Kit

Holidays are fun, but sometimes you can experience unpleasant events. You may experience minor injuries while on vacation to Lombok. For example, your foot is hit by a rock so it is injured. It can also be on the way that you experience motion sickness and nausea. So even though you have used a Lombok tour package agent, you still need to make sure you bring your medicines in the first aid kit. Bring a wound plaster, wind oil and red medicine.


Don’t miss this one item. Cameras are items that must be taken while on vacation to Lombok. There are many beautiful places that you can photograph in Lombok. Your vacation moment will be very dear if it is not immortalized through a camera lens. Especially if you are a person who likes taking pictures.

Plastic Bags

Carrying a plastic bag is useful so you don’t litter. After finishing eating, throw away the trash in the plastic bag that was brought. In addition, plastic bags are useful for carrying wet clothes. There are many uses for plastic bags when you are on vacation in Lombok.


One more item that you have to bring while on vacation to Lombok is sunblock. The hot sun around the beaches in Lombok can sting your skin. Protect your skin by wearing sunblock. Using sunblock all over the body, so that your skin does not feel the sensation of being burned by the sun. Choose a sunblock product that suits your skin type.

So, those are 7 items that are important to prepare before a vacation to Lombok. Hopefully this is useful for all colleagues. If you want to have a vacation to Gili, you can use the Bali Gili Fast BoatJasa SEO services from Krisna Tours Bali.

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