Best Time to Trip to Lombok

Best Time to Trip to Lombok

Lombok is one of the best tropical islands in Indonesia. After Bali, Lombok Island has always been a favorite destination for tourists, both domestic and foreign.

If you are planning a trip to Lombok, you should first know the exact times before stopping there. Here are 5 Best Time to Trip to Lombok:

Fasting Month

Lombok is known as the Island of a Thousand Mosques, the month of fasting is one of the best times if you want to stop by Lombok. You can get local specialties or heavy meals in various corners of the city. Not only that, visiting Lombok during fasting can also be a savings for backpackers. Some mosques even provide free breaking of the fast for anyone who stops by.

November to April

Surfing hobby? November to April is the right month for this sport lover. The months, the winds and waves were just as big. Moreover, the sea in Lombok generally has quite large waves. Well, this is perfect for surfers who are already proficient at playing with the waves. But for those of you who are just learning to surf, don’t try it!

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July to August

For sunset hunters this month is the most appropriate trip to Lombok. At that time, usually the most beautiful sunset can be enjoyed. The right place to see the sunset is on Malimbu Hill or Gili Trawangan Sunset Beach. The sun sinking behind the golden sky could be found there. Especially if you enjoy the sunset on the beach with your loved ones.

Avoid December to February for Climbers

If your goal is to climb Rinjani mountain then avoid going to Lombok from December to February. This month is the month when the rainfall is at its highest. As much as possible, plan a trip to the top when it’s not the wet season.

Avoid Visiting During School or Semester Holidays

Usually, various tourist attractions will be empty of tourists during the exam period for school children. You will not find groups of school children or students who are traveling. You can enjoy your vacation more quiet and calm. At that time, ticket prices are usually more affordable, you know!

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